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Jason Executive Director  1012
Cindy Human Resource Manager 1054
Zuhey Office Manager 1045 [email protected]


Michelle Reception 1000 [email protected]
Beatriz Applications Coordinator 1063 [email protected]

Property Management

Cara Director of Real Estate Operations 1002
Beth Property Operations Manager 1027
Angelina Portfolio Manager 1029
Brittany Portfolio Manager 1026
Lisa Portfolio Manager 1003
Heather Portfolio Manager 1032
Mayra C. Portfolio Manager 1034
Evelyn Occupancy Assistant 1044
Beverly Leasing Supervisor 1008
Courtney Leasing Specialist 1007
Mayra E. Leasing Specialist 1068


Riley Director of Maintenance 1015
Kelly Maintenance Coordinator 1020

Resident Services

Sharon Resident Services Coordinator 1067
Sandra P. Resident Services Coordinator 1059

Housing Choice Voucher

Jennifer HCV Program Director 1010 [email protected]
Karla HCV Leasing/Portability 1036 [email protected]
Jodi HCV Case Coordinator, A-COZ 1028 [email protected]
Tessa HCV Case Coordinator, CR-HE 1030 [email protected]
Eva HCV Case Coordinator, HI-ME 1060 [email protected]
Travis HCV Case Coordinator, MI-SE 1025 [email protected]
Lori HCV Case Coordinator, SH-Z 1031 [email protected]
Caroline HCV – FSS & Homeownership Case Coordinator 1011 [email protected]
Jim Inspector 1024 [email protected]
Ryan G. Inspector 1022 [email protected]
Eric J. FSS/Homeownership 1016 [email protected]
Tia FSS/Homeownership 1021 [email protected]

Development & Rehabilitation

Ryan H. Development Director 1035
Andrea Asst. Director of Real Estate Development 1043
Alex M. Project Developer 1039
Eric H. Development Specialist 1099

Asset Management

Dianna Manager 1023


Brian C. Finance Director 1017
Ray Accounting Supervisor 1006
Sandra T. Staff Accountant 1018
Cerina Staff Accountant 1004
Merly Staff Accountant 1071
Ronald Financial Analyst 1013
Tonya Accounts Payable 1037