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COVID-19 Statement

First and fore most our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by the pandemic and we want you to know that the Housing Authority of Jackson County (HAJC) is taking the COVID-19 virus very seriously.  The leadership team is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation by utilizing The Oregon Health Authority (OHA), Centers for Disease and Control (CDC), and Oregon’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) as sources of expert authority for information and protocols on keeping our employees, clients, and community members safe.

Since the start of the pandemic, HAJC quickly reduced the number of staff allowed to enter our offices, by creating work from home policies and office schedules that significantly reduced the total number of staff in the office at any given time.  Staff and business partners are provided with, and must wear a mask, or face covering at all times while outside their office and are required to social distance.  We have placed posters throughout our buildings as constant reminders to mask up, social distance, and teach cover your cough and hand washing etiquette.  HAJC is closed to the public and will only open the doors when we feel it is safe to do so.  A thorough disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces is completed every morning, disinfecting supplies are placed at each shared printer, fax, and postage machine with a policy that the machine is wiped down after each and every use.  Hospital grade air filters, handless door openers, and plexi-glass barriers have been installed and are utilized.  These are just some of the pre-cautions set in place to help keep our employees, clients and community members safe.

The leadership team, lead by Jason Elzy the Executive Director, will continue to closely monitors our sources for expert authority to make sure our business services are remaining fluid, and flexible and we are able to respond quickly to changing guidelines.

Our top priority is to create the safest environment possible that enables our staff to continue to provide homes for individuals and families.  Our employees are our keys to success through this pandemic.  They have contributed and continue to help direct our safety policies, hold each other to high safety standards, and strive every day to provide, preserve & maintain decent, safe and affordable housing while promoting efforts toward self-sufficiency. This mission statement is the purpose of our organization and the role we play in our community.